The final series


A look at the final series of this years Redeye Printing Bursary with Rob Sara. The fruits of our labours. Actually these are the 2nd variations shown here, the final choices were carefully sleeved and boxed away for protection.

During our time schedule, we were able to produce 10 c-types, with another 2 to add following on.

Gillian . . .

“Woke up really looking forward to seeing the work we had done so far.  I think when you are working with something so intensively you don’t see it, so I was excited to see all that we had accomplished in two days.  The low level of anxiety was banished on the first day, however seeing the results of the printing my confidence has grown and grown.

Final thoughts

The collaboration and exchange of ideas about my ‘Walter’ series and how the work is presented has been illuminating. This process will definitely inform and change my practice for future photography projects.  I have a much clearer understanding of the different elements that contribute to the way film records information; especially in different light situations as I prefer to use natural light wherever possible.  This will influence my technical approach when photographing future work, knowing how it can alter the raw material of my negatives.
My feelings about my photography are changing as my confidence has grown, as well as my levels of understanding of working with film.

The next stage for me will be to get the hand printed ‘Walter’ series exhibited. “



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